A few of our recordings

Description : Shipley Arts Festival – Andrew Bernardi and the String Academy
Date: 26th April 2020
Pieces played: Pachelbel’s Canon

Description : Shipley Festival Choir and local choirs together with Strings conducted by Professor Malcolm Singer
Date: 8th May 2020
Pieces played:Malcolm Singer ‘Shipley Psalms’, J.S.Bach Chaconne in D Minor for unaccompanied violin with Chorals, John Ireland ‘My Song is Love Unknown.’

Description : Shipley Arts Festival, The Stradivarius Piano Trio at the National Liberal Club
Date: 14th May 2020
Pieces played: 

Description : Shipley Arts Festival, The Blue Idol
Date: 5th June 2020
Pieces played: J.S.Bach Unaccompanied Bach from the sonatas for violin, Handel Halvorsen ‘Passacaglia, Purcell Chaconne, Sir Edward Elgar ‘Serenade for Strings Op.20, Debussy ‘Syrinx,’ J.S.Bach’s Suite in B minor.

Description : Shipley Arts Festival, The Stradivarius Piano at Warnham Park
Date: 7th June 2020
Pieces played: Beethoven Piano Trio, John Ireland Fantasy Trio, Amy Beach Romance for violin and piano Op 23, Chopin Nocturne Op.20 in C# minor,(posthumous), Elgar Sonata for Violin in E minor Op.82, Mark Copping ‘The Alice Sonata’.

Description : Shipley Festival Choir – Knepp Castle
Date: 19th July 2020
Pieces played: Music performed from the country estates of Lackenhurst, Knepp Castle and Findon including the World Premiere of ‘White Storks’ for string octet by Helen Ottaway paired with the Mendelssohn Octet ‘Scherzo’, plus music by George Gershwin, Cole Porter and Charlie Parker.

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