We were delighted with the review we received from Michael White of the Catholic Herald, about our recent concert with the students from Trinity Laban Conservatoire he wrote:

Vivaldi’s Four Seasons is so often heard I sometimes promise myself never to sit through it again. But last month I took a train to deepest West Sussex and did exactly that – because it was opening this year’s Shipley Festival: a fixture run by entrepreneurial violinist Andrew Bernardi and featuring cohorts of young performers.

In this case, led by students from Trinity Laban Conservatoire, they piled into a Four Seasons that was not only played but danced, acted and sung – as a sort of masque celebrating the wonders of the natural world. It breathed new life into an overly familiar score, with simple but effective designs and production ideas that managed to turn Vivaldi on his head without losing the sense that this still was Vivaldi: a composer whose work gets done so frequently not just because it’s easy but, I was reminded, because it’s good.

You can read the full article from Michael here,

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