‘Full of golden sounds’: Andrew Bernardi’s top 5 string pieces from Sussex

A wonderful article in The Strad publication, where Andrew Bernardi shares his favourite pieces that have originated or taken inspiration from the English counties of Sussex.

1. Edward Elgar’s Violin Sonata 

Sir Edward Elgar wrote this masterwork at his home of Brinkwells Cottage in Fittleworth, West Sussex, well regarded as a beautiful part of Sussex….Read more

2. John IrelandToccata in the ‘Concertino Pastorale’ 

This exciting final movement of the Concertino Pastorale shares my journey from where I grew up in Kent (Toccata was premiered at the Canterbury Festival in 1939) to Sussex….Read more

3. Shipley Psalms for solo Stradivari violin and Choir by Malcolm Singer 

Malcolm Singer’s Shipley Psalms was written not long after we acquired our 1696 Stradivari, now known as the ’Amici Bernardi’ Stradivari violin….Read more

4. Helen Ottaways ‘White Storks 

Helen Ottaway’s ‘White Storks’ was commissioned by the Bernardi Music Group in lockdown to celebrate the rewilding of these fabulous birds which have been re-introduced for the first time since medieval times by Sir Charles and Lady Issy Burrell at Knepp Estate, the EU leader for Wilding….Read more

5. ‘Knepp Piano Trio’ by Roderick Williams 

‘Knepp Piano Trio’ reflects the revival of the Turtle Dove at West Sussex’s Knepp Castle and is a new setting of Ralph Vaughan Williams’ 1924 folk medley for Turtle Doves. ‘Roddy’ brilliantly captures the sounds of the birds with cello and violin glissandi, contrasted by the tapping of the piano by the pianist….Read more

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